Andante Card

Andante Card

Porto’s public transport card (called the Andante Tour card) gives you unlimited use of the metro, buses, and some regional trains to get around the city.

The Andante Cards are rechargeable travel cards which can be used on Porto’s public transportation. Depending on which card, you can charge them with single-journeys, 10 tickets or 24-hour travel.

An Andante Card paper ticket costs 0.60 (US$ 0.60). You should then add the amount of money which you wish to put in it.

Andante 24

Tarjeta Andante
Andante Tour Card

The Andante 24 card gives you unlimited access to the metro system, busesand some of the city’s urban trains for 24 hours.

The card is activated when you first use it and it is valid for exactly 24 hours, not one day. This means that if you activate it at 1 pm, you’ll be able to use it until the following day at 1 pm.

Although it is has a “flat rate”, you’ll have to validate it every time you use public transportation.


The price of the travel card depends on which zones you travel to. If you are going to get around central Porto, then you’ll probably need a Zone 2 card. The Airport is in zone 4.

Prices Andante Cards
Zones 1 ticket 11 tickets Andante 24
Z2 1.25 (US$ 1.30) 12 (US$ 12.90) 4.20 (US$ 4.50)
Z3 1.60 (US$ 1.70) 15 (US$ 16.10) 5.55 (US$ 5.90)
Z4 2 (US$ 2.10) 18.50 (US$ 19.80) 6.95 (US$ 7.40)

Andante Tour Card

The Andante Tour Card is very similar to the other Andante cards, but is exclusively for tourists. Depending on how many days you’re staying in Porto, you can either get an Andante Tour 1, which is valid for 24 hours or an Andante Tour 3, which is valid for 72 hours. The perk of this card is that you can get around the city without having to be worried about the zones you want to travel to, since it is valid for all zones.

Unlike the other Andante cards, the Andante Tour isn’t rechargeable and the price of the travel card includes all costs.

An Andante Tour 1 costs 7 (US$ 7.50) and an Andante Tour 3 costs 15 (US$ 16.10).

Which one is best?

If you wish to use the public transport in Porto and land in Porto Airport, the best option is to buy an Andante Tour Card, since the airfield is in zone 4 and the Andante 24 will be more expensive.

If you get to Porto by car and want to get around the city on transport, the best option is to purchase an Andante 24 and recharge it.

If you’re staying in the city centre and wish to get around the city on the city’s Hop-on Hop-off tour buses, then you won’t need to get a travel card, since you’ll be able to hop off and back on at Porto’s main sights.

In any case, we recommend you check out the Porto Card before getting any travel card, as you might find it more worthwhile.

Where to buy?

The Andante cards are available in the Andante shops (you’ll find shops in the airport and in many subway stations), in the railway stations, tourist offices and also in some hotels.