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General Information about Porto

By reading this article, you’ll solve all your last-minute doubts before you head to Porto..

Frequently asked questions

  • Idioma What language is spoken in Porto? Can tourists get by in English? What are the most useful words and expressions?
  • Precios en Oporto How much does an average restaurant cost in Porto? And a cup of coffee in a centrally located café? How much money will I need to get by in Porto?
  • El tiempo When is the best time to visit Porto? Is it cold in winter? Does it rain a lot? Can you swim in the Atlantic Ocean in summer?
  • Días festivos en Oporto When does Porto celebrate its public holidays? Do the stores close during the bank holidays?

More useful information

Seagulls next to the Cathedral
Seagulls next to the Cathedral

Tram 22
Tram 22

Terraced houses in Ribeira
Terraced houses in Ribeira

Porto facts & figures

Porto has over 230.000 inhabitants and its metropolitan area has over 1,7 million citizens. It is the second-city in Portugal, after Lisbon.


The official currency used in Porto is the Euro, like in the rest of Portugal.

Current local time

The time zone is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This means that it is the same time as London, it is 5 hours ahead of New York and 11 hours behind Sydney.

Electricity, plugs and sockets

The power sockets in Porto and the rest of Portugal are type F, with two round prongs. The standard voltage is 230V.

Opening hours

Most stores in Porto open from Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 1pm and from 3pm – 7pm. The city’s shopping centers and souvenirs are usually open until later.

Helpful telephone numbers

  • Emergency number: 112
  • Porto area code: 2
  • Portugal area code: 351
  • Phone information: 118