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Porto Card

The Porto Card is a sightseeing pass with admission discounts and free entry to Porto’s main museums, monuments and guided tours. If you want to use the city’s public transport system while you visit the city, it can also include unlimited access to Porto’s buses, metro and urban trains.  

You’ll also be able to save money in certain restaurants and stores, as the Porto Card offers 15% discounts in numerous establishments.

You can purchase the Porto Card directly upon arrival, in the Airport or in the official tourist offices in the city.

What does the Porto Card offer?

Porto Card
Porto Card

The Porto Card includes free admission to 11 museums, including the Museu de Arte Sacra e Arqueologia, Casa-Museum Guerra Junqueiro and the Museu Romantico.

It also offers 50% discounts on the entrance fees to 8 landmarks such as the Clérigos Tower, Serralves Foundation or the Military Museum.

Types of Porto Card

You can either purchase a “Pedestrian Porto Card” or a Porto Card with unlimited access to the city’s public transport.

Pedestrian Card

This Card is a good option to discover Porto’s city center. It includes free entry and discounts to several of the city’s sights, but it doesn’t include access to the means of transport.

  • 1-day Card: 6€
  • 2-day Card: 10€
  • 3-day Card: 13€
  • 4-day Card: 15€

Porto Card + travelcard

The Porto Card with transport offers free entry to 11 museums and 50% off in 8 monuments and unlimited access to the city’s metro system, local buses and urban trains.

  • 1-day Card: 13€
  • 2-day Card: 20€
  • 3-day Card: 25€
  • 4-day Card: 33€

Tips and suggestions

Remember to write the hour and date on the back of your Porto Card when you use it for the first time.

If you purchase the Porto Card with transport, you’ll be given two separate passes, one is a normal sightseeing pass and the other is a travelcard. The travelcard will automatically activate itself when you use it for the first time.

Both pass and travelcard are valid for 24, 48, 72 or 92 hours depending on the chosen option.

If you want to purchase the Porto Card with transport, we recommend you buy it directly at the Airport upon arrival, since you can use it on the way to your hotel.