Porto's Weather

Porto has a humid but mild sea climate. Rain is quite frequent throughout the year and it is often overcast.

Winter and summer in Porto

The wettest period is between November and March, but during the rest of the year, rain is less common.

In winter, temperatures never drop below 40ºF (5ºC) and maximum temperatures usually vary between 55ºF and 61ºF (13ºC - 16ºC). Although winters are generally mild, strong winds occasionally blow due to the Atlantic depressions.

In the summer, temperatures in Porto rise sharply to offer the hottest days of the year. During the months of June, July and August temperatures range between 68 ºF and 95 (20°C and 35°C). In June, July and August it's just warm enough to go to the beach and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. It can sometimes drizzle and be a bit overcast and the minimum temperatures are around 55ºF, so remember to bring a jacket.

In September, October, April and May, the mornings are usually overcast and the afternoons sunnier. We recommend you bring something warm, since at night the temperatures can drop significantly.

Best time to visit Porto

Since Porto has a temperate oceanic climate, any time of year is good to visit. However, we prefer the months between April and October, as at this time of year it's unlikely to rain.