Best Cellars in Porto

Best Cellars in Porto

Most Porto cellars and wine lodges are located in Vila Nova de Gaia, on the other side of the Douro River. Porto wine has been produced in this region for several centuries, ageing the world’s most famous fortified wine in wooden barrels.

Port wine

The fundamental difference between Port wine and other wines is its fortification with aguardiente which stops the fermentation. Thus, the wine preserves the original sweetness of the grapes but has a high alcohol content.

When British merchants discovered Port wine in the seventeenth century and transported it back to Britain, the wine would go bad during the journey, so they decided to fortify it with aguardiente so it would preserve better.

Wine tours in Porto

You can visit numerous wine lodges in Gaia, where you’ll explore the installations with a guide that will explain the winemaking process.

The tour ends with a tasting of the Cellar’s wines (usually two select Porto wines).

Porto's most famous wineries

Ramos Pinto Cellars in Porto

Established by Adriano Ramos Pinto in 1880, the Ramos Pinto Cellar is one of the most renowned wineries in the city. Take a wine tour and discover its brand legacy.

Sandeman Cellars

Founded in 1790, Sandeman is not only famous for its quality wines but also thanks to the mysterious man on its logo.

Ferreira Cellars

Established in an old convent, Ferreira is one of the most memorable cellars in Porto. The wine cellars are over 300 years old.

Cálem Cellars

Producing quality wine since 1859, Cálem Cellars is still one of the main wineries in Porto with excellent tours and wine tastings.


Visiting at least one of Porto’s renowned wineries is an absolute must: one of the most interesting attractions in Portugal’s second most populated city.


The guided tours are carried out in the language chosen by the first person to reserve the visit, so be sure to book the visit significantly ahead of time.

If you want to visit several Cellars, you can purchase a combo ticket. An interesting option is a ticket that includes the Sandeman, Offley and Ferreira wine lodges.

If you take a sightseeing cruise along the Douro River, the promoter will probably offer you combo tickets with a wine cellar. Make sure the price is worthwhile because sometimes the Cellars included in the ticket are free to visit.