Taxis in Porto

Taxis in Porto

Taxis in Porto are relatively cheap and are a good alternative if you get around the city at night or for longer journeys.

All the taxis in Porto are beige or black and have a green coloured roof. Before getting into a taxi, always make sure they have a taximeter and that they switch it on when it starts driving.


If you want to take a taxi in the city centre, an average ride around Porto is between 6 (US$ 6.50) and 8EU. The average fare from the Porto Airport usually costs around 25 (US$ 26.90).

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (all day) and every day between 9 pm and 6 am, the rates increase 20%. The driver’s taximeters calculate the increase automatically.

Note that if the taxi goes through a toll, it’s always the client that must pay. If you call a radio taxi or contact any taxi by phone, you’ll have to pay an extra charge of €0.80.

If you have suitcases, you’ll be charged a supplement of €1.60.

Don’t be deceived

If you think the driver is charging you too much, a list of the official prices should be stuck on the back seat on the left side. Keep in mind that a receipt is also obligatory.