Funicular dos Guindais, Porto

Funicular dos Guindais, Porto

The Funicular dos Guindais, also known as The Guindais Funicular, is an elegant and unique way of getting from one part of the city to the other.

The funicular runs along a steep hill connecting the Ribeira neighbourhood, located on the river bank, and Batalha, at the top of the city. One of the highlights of taking this means of transportation are the views you get of Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto’s medieval city walls and the various wine cellars on the waterfront.

The city’s funicular railway system was inaugurated in 1891 and later renovated in 1994.

A pleasant journey

Don’t miss taking the Funicular dos Guindais. For just 3.50 (US$ 3.80) you can take a one-way journey either up to Rua da Batalha or to the city’s river bank. If you take it up to the top, you’ll save yourself from walking up a steep hill.