Local buses in Porto

Local buses in Porto

Although the local buses in Porto are sometimes the only means of transport to get to certain destinations, in our opinion they make for the least appealing public transport in the city.

The bus drivers seem to be driving in a rally, turning what seem like impossible curves while they race up steep and narrow cobbled streets, so passengers must hold on for dear life.

Buses to the wine cellars

Although the local buses might seem a little dangerous, they’re the most useful means of transport to get to certain destinations, like Vila Nova de Gaia, since it will drop you off where the best wine cellars are.

The most useful routes to get to the wineries in Gaia from Porto city centre are: 900, 901 and 906, which depart from Trinidade or 904 that leaves from Batalha and Praça da Liberdade.


A single ticket costs 1.85 (US$ 2). If you have the Porto Card or the Andante Tour travel card, you can get on any of the city’s buses as many times as you wish.  

Operating hours

The buses in Porto run from approximately 6 am until 1 am, so you won’t have any problems getting to the wineries and back.